“I want to create the kinds of things that if the house burns down you want to run and save.” 
Marcel Wanders, founder of Moooi


Molecule Design can help you choose some stunning pieces for your project.

Furniture . Lighting . Home Decor . Gifts . Art 


Why? Because it’s chemical, the way good design makes you feel!

Molecule Design carries innovative products from some of the best global industrial design home decor brands

“Quality is a funny concept. We tend to think of it as being associated with handcraft. But quality is also about your attitude to design. Craftsmanship is just as much about how you run the machines that are necessary for economic viability.”

Niels Bendtsen, Bensen Founder


Molecule Design is Santa Fe’s place where the newest, most innovative ideas in contemporary and new modern home decor products are discovered, housed, and showcased. Molecule’s founder, Adriana Siso is motivated by fresh ideas for living, how we use our spaces, and the objects in them. This can include an appreciation for technological practices and new materials that bring new attitudes about space or objects of use.

Molecule Design keeps an active schedule featuring the work of local designers, fabricators and artists, as well as national and international design firms. 

Says Siso, “I am blessed to  partner with some amazing designers and manufacturers, some of these are well known international stars.” 

Molecule operates from its shipping container building in Santa Fe, NM. Therefore, sustainability is one of the ongoing explorations, offering as well some product lines made from 100% recycled plastics, harvested woods, green foams, and recycled cottons.

With a background in Fine Arts, Adriana Siso founded her contemporary furniture retail business in 2003 from a previous Santa Fe location. Molecule Design Store was launched in September 2010 in the new and innovative Baca Railyard District. 


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Image: Living Wall

To design yours, please send us your area dimensions and we’ll put together a plan for you, it can include irrigation.


Our Brands

Molecule Design is proud to be partnering with some of the best brands in the world.  Let us know what your needs and interests are for your Residential project, and we will be happy to assist you with pricing and product details. Most of these manufacturers Quick Ship, which means leads times are anywhere from 4 to 10 days. We’re here to streamline the process for you from beginning to end.

Where To Find us

You can visit us Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM, or 24-7 Online.

We are in the BACA RAILYARD District


  • It’s located in the coolest new building in santa Fe. It is a must to go and check this store. Fantastic location, buildings, & bargains.  

    J.W., Santa Fe, NM

  • Finally! A really cool home decor store that is as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside. …

    Amy M., San Diego, CA

  • I love the Rubber Man. Check him out. The staff are Santa Fe cool as well. 

    D.I., Santa Fe, NM

  • Molecule Design is located in the coolest new building in Santa Fe. It is a must to go and check this store. Fantastic location, buildings, & bargains.

    J.W., Santa Fe, NM

  • Thank you for being a bold leader in our community. We are so grateful for all you do for the city.

    Cyndi Conn, Fantase Fest / Creative Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

  • Molecule Design is such a wonderful store.

    Micayla Duran, Santa Fe, NM

  • It has been a pleasure working with you and Ashley. I very much appreciate your excellent customer service!

    Nancy Ouimet, Santa Fe, NM

  • Dear Adriana, you have a gem of an employee in Ashley. She is smart, knowledgeable, and follows through beautifully. We looked at a fantastic leather chair when we were in Molecule Design for our first time. Ashley was very helpful and then followed up with me with an email answering every question I asked after researching the answers.

    We just returned today to show your store to our son who visited from CA. Again Ashley helped us; while she is in no way pushy she is encouraging. I have no doubt I will order the chair from her when we get back East in mid August. My husband and I have a place here in Santa Fe and get here when we don’t have to be at work–mainly in the summer.
    I doubt if Ashley hadn’t followed up with me if I would have thought about the chair again.

    Know that I am very impressed with Ashley.

    Terry Vance PhD, Santa Fe, NM

  • Love, love LOVE our light! We get so many compliments!

    Daryl Stanton, Santa Fe, NM

  • Happy Birthday to Molecule – Design Store, Five Years Young Today! Once upon a time the Baca Street Extension of Santa Fe’s Railyard Redevelopment District was just a gleam in the eyes of project managers. Flagman Way running northeast from Baca served an assortment of unsightly vacant lots, weed patches, and aging industrial warehouses. Then, in December 2010, came Molecule with its engaging assortment of designer furniture pieces and accessories. The building itself is a standout, sustainably designed and created by its owner, largely from recycled materials. The arrival of Molecule seemed to set the standard for Baca Street, which has now filled in with more attractive businesses and buildings of impeccable design. I like the synergy this has created in a district that now exemplifies commerce in modern design and art. If it is stylish and modern to furnish or to decorate your home or business, you can now find it along Flagman Way. Congratulations Molecule, now and for many years to come!

    Bob Sunde, Albuquerque, NM

  • It’s like walking into the Museum of Modern Art store. Reminds me of MoMA.

    New store visitor, 11/2016

  • What a fantastic design venue you have I was blown away by Moroso and Moooi. The building is so innovative and everyone was quite informative.

    M. C. Santa Fe, NM, 2017

  • I can’t believe I’m finding things that I saw at the MoMA store, but without the lines!

    Visitor, 2016

  • It’s much better than DWR.

    Customer, July 2017